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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

The queen of intuition holds court...


my girl



January 10th, 2012

Once a rock star...

my girl

I just love her, have such a soft spot for her heart, passion, every little glorious mistake, her uncertainty, her tenacity, her burning

her get back up and rock the house down kiss,


PS> Cello <3

December 30th, 2011

Tales of the wishing weed...

my girl
My 2012 moleskin is called Dandelion. If I am looking for it I can ask, "Where' s Dandy?" for short. Usually, I will use short form then think something is missing so I can also ask, "Where is Dandy... lion? This is useful because Dandy is Oscar Wilde and Lion is RAWR. Also it is just Dandy to be Lying (in bed). Plus, and this is srs, dandelions are the wishing weeds.

There you have it DANDELION the wishing weed.

Now to come up with a finder's reward kiss,


December 29th, 2011

maybe i like dying things...

my girl
yeah, well, LJ has a cozy feeling about it, i really like reading people who post their details, hints and cryptic or essayed with minute. i like people who are maudlin or witty, dreamy or stitched up with facts. i really like people who post stuff in the open so i can read them and i've added a few new journals of people i thought i'd want to read again (i know right, how unusual a reason to add). i'm pretty annoying and too lazy to hit the shift key, but i am lying on my side propping my head up with one hand knocking out words with the other. and ive been sick for weeks and then got the flu so :(

i miss lj of years ago, feels like ive missed it for years, i might as well keep on because i never know when to quit or leave or be around but then i am and i really like you. sometimes even love.

quite a lot of love actually kiss,


ps. ok so ive only added two journals so far but it's morning so ... zzz

May 5th, 2011

In thinking about a security feature for a dumpster, I became obsessed with the idea of a puff of breath. But. But. But. I protested. A puff of breath is hardly a fingerprint, is hardly a retina scan, hardly anything at all, just an expulsion of the waste of life. Oh. see. Suddenly necessary, so I approached google.

Wired has a story on a wine vending machine. The machine has a camera feed to an employee and a breathalyser is needed before dispensing. Hmm. Well, tres interesting, but not exact.

However, stable isotopes in blood, feathers, feces and BREATH in birds can indicate changes in diet in migratory birds. Yes. Yes, muah haha perfect. The dumpster is outside a Fashion Food Fusion Fastish joint. The story takes place in a world where you need to give to get, no handouts, come up with a prize and maybe we'll buy ticket. Food distribution, food intake was only to play a background role but suddenly she's been promoted to Best Supporting, perhaps Co-Star.

And suddenly I believe in myself again kiss,


May 1st, 2011


my girl
Now, y'all know my usual bit about not being huge fans of the Obamas but tribute must be paid when it is due. The President has remained poised throughout the disgusting birth certificate escapade, most recently hammered on by Donald Trump, The Trumpster, The Trumpet, The Trump-bop who wants to run for President. Well the quiet confidence of the current Lord of the USA ended last night in the most glorious of public displays.


Donald Trump was thoroughly, completely disarmed and humiliated at last night's White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner. Obama and Trump were in attendance.

Choice moments include:

Obama saying now that his birth certificate has been produced, Trump could focus on serious issues, from whether the moon landing actually happened to "where are Biggie and Tupac?"

He showed a screen with how the White House would be improved by President Trump. It included glittery gold pillars, "TRUMP" in black 3 ft high letters and party-women in a jacuzzi on the front lawn.

From Seth Myers, "Donald Trump often talks bout running as a Republican, which is surprising, I just assumed he was running as a joke."

Obama also showed his live birth video-- a clip from The Lion King.

OMG giggle OMG

Well played Obama kiss,


April 22nd, 2011

You're so sweet and thoughtful. I'm sure to be ever so much better, get on with the healing, perform some internal magic ~keep growing as a person, possibly a metamorphosis. I am reading Alice Munro of the Southern Ontario Gothic and as you know I am easily influenced by creepy Canadian female writers (atwood is included here)well, mainly just Alice. And so as I am saying a cheery and true, "I'm sure to be better!" I cant help but become a character in a munro story. Cheerfully chatting on while I measure out poison slit from the red veins of the ancient back-yard rhubarb plant, planted the year the pretty twin drowned in the well.


The "orient" isn't a word used in polite, educated society, places where they care about racist tones and know applying the exotic texture over the unknown is wrong. Also the suspicious use of flavoured tea would give the whole thing away.

Therefore, I present the friendly wood-cutter version:

We'll do things in a more primitive, hardy manner. We'll go out into the bush, "the deserted forest", where trees of all kinds mingle in tangles, not at all laid out and orderly. I'll talk to you about how the oak is the fairytale tree. We'll muse over whether England still has oak-groves. Do they, our fore-mothers, for really we are borne of women, do they dot their backyards with oak trees like we do with the maple? We're far removed from our roots and we laugh over the question, England as remote as Mars. Do they even have yards?

Then there'll be a bashing or maybe a slip of the axe. Do you know early settlers had so many misfortunes with axes, lost so many limbs some would only cut trees while standing in protective, steel buckets? I learned that in my Culinary History of Canada book.


and perhaps someone left behind
a slate wiped clean, temporarily, at least,
with the season's first lasting snow,

or with the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ kiss,


April 20th, 2011

I try to think back to when I first became aware of the ending, the passage, fragility pulsing, beating. It must have been with Chloe. Certainly, I had experienced loss before my first baby was born. Relationships had ended. My parents divorced. People I knew had been buried. A house I had lived in, fucked in, ate in had been demolished for a strip mall. My cousin blew his brains out when we were nineteen. I always remember him laughing, kissing me 12 or 13 in a sun-light dappled swimming pool, telling me I was beautiful. Ever charming and mine-- at least for the seemingly endless weeks of summer holidays together. You've been told the story before. It is one of my favourites.

I certainly felt dislocated, shock even at the house being torn down. I had spent a lot of time there with my highschool boyfriend. We played hedonistic house. Dramatic, emotional, we both delved into the extremes of every emotion. Perhaps a small list is in order: love, heat, I poked at my wrists, he threatened to kill himself, we were terrible at being estranged, presents given, spending every penny on eachother, road trips and shows and storming out to walk halfway across town (a big town, I suppose a small city) in frustration, having learned how a female should act from movies, how hard he fought for me to return was a measure of his love, telling secrets, being proud, being neglectful, hurting, throwing items and punches, despair, loneliness, theft, lies and young.

But I've gotten off-track and told you something you've already read. What I wanted to write about was the scary feeling that it had all been erased. The unease inside me as I drove by and sensed that an era was over. How I still see the house, how well I know it, though I can't remember the kitchen floor but remember the bedsheets and window curtains, how cruddy it was when we were there fucking and fucking and how Chris whipped it into immediate shape when my boyfriend moved out. I guess that kind of story has been told before but usually the main character goes away and returns. Then change is expected. When you return you know, or at least you know of, the possibility of things being wiped out. I didnt get a chance to leave and then it was gone.

Maybe it was the birth that decisively moved me along the generational ledge, the conveyor belt of life (and then only if one is very lucky and manages to side-step the perils, the freak moments that reach out and grab). I guess it must have been. I wasnt of the youngest, I was no longer a child, I was a mother, my mother a grandmother.

It's all going to end. I dont want to speed things up. But there are a few knowledges and secrets I will keep. Some shoddy practices you won't be privy to, not everything is for display, keep a few truths to myself. Easter is coming anyway, any excuse for a new beginning, an improvement.

I guess what I want to note is that I have a new hand-painted shower curtain. It is all white, the image the artist swirled out of deepest black is of an almost life-sized flapper. Other than lovely, she is nothing more than an representation of art deco, glamour. I also have a garment stand in my room. It is draped with hats, scarves and handbags, vintage jewelry boxes nestle on the inner shelves. The point is sometimes, when I blot water from my eyes, I am startled at her presence. It's a moment, a split, a heart beat skipped. Same with the stand. Occasionally, it is alive in my room when I am alone and my heart pauses until I register the facts of the matter.

My message is that when I am wispy, not much more than paper thin skin and memories, my eyes will be dim and shadowed things will dance.

There is a future to be seen, an ending rushes to brush against you, a foreshadowing kiss,


April 17th, 2011

Barricaded by blood...

my girl
My old journal gave up lots of little pleasures. Some of my very favourites were moments with Chloe. Most of my moments since then have found their way onto flickr or paper diaries, do you think LJ will always be here? Should I be duplicating things of importance? Do you?

Though the girls near seven years apart, they are similar. Often Olivia will perform some individual feat previously accomplished by Chloe, something thought to be unique, not merely a stage of development, leading me to point out how much alike they are, feeling the need to tie them to eachother.

Their differences are apparent. Both thoughtful, tender, spirited and fun, one is a soap bubble, no a series of bubbles set free on a puff of air, rising and popping, iridescent in sunshine, merry laughing, wide-eyed. The other indulgent, languid, day-dreamy and sardonic, a summer stream, luxurious, silver movement and cats.

Olivia does not like baths. To be specific, she doesn't like the idea of getting into a bath. Once settled into the frothy heat (jacuzzi jets on, please mom) she'll happily transform into a mermaid and spend 40 min frolicking, dipping, diving, floating in the tub.

Last night, she did not want. What she did want is for me to spend money on webkinz pixels, "It's just ten dollars!" pouting, spoiled princess. To be told no is often too blunt for her. She prefers for me to say I know you want, I would want too. It's hard not to be presented with your every whim and wish, I understand, I do. Sometimes we have to wait for things. Sometimes wishes don't come true and it's very very sad and hard. Then we hug and comfort. But I was too busy. I was too busy shopping for exactly what I wanted an iphone 4 with otterbox case.

Well. I would pay for my error in judgment. I was to be bricked up in my space. Left to wither and die, a punishment be-fitting Parisan royality, my catacomb the kitchen. Olivia shut the french door between the kitchen and living room. She didnt slam it, she has been warned but it shut smart. I didnt pay attention. I was designing my contract with Telus Mobility. When I finally ~finally~ decided on everything, leaving the page up but not hitting send. I strolled across the kitchen. Startled surprise, a scream. OH MY GOD.

Olivia had dragged her toybox to the door, a french door, I could see through to the other side. She had piled pillows, blankets and stuffed animals on top. I was shut in (shut up?). She was ecstatic. Glee and mirth and delight, she had asserted herself and won. The Queen is dead or will be soon. Hahahahahaha. Unfortunately, the door opens in so :(

Obviously, I couldnt ruin her fun. I asked, pleaded, begged, "Will you let me out?"


awwwwwwwww. Though Chloe spent many a time writing me angry messages about my treatment of her and posting them on her door, announcement, a proclamation detailing my faults, she never imprisoned me.

I let Olivia wallow in victory until she missed her mommy. She avoided bath-time, success! She still doesnt know about the door. All she knows is she didnt have to have a bath. It was too late. Instead we played Guess Who, I Spy and cuddled in her bed.

However, today she will get clean. It's Palm Sunday. I rose from the dead a week before Jesus kiss,


March 18th, 2011

That puts me at odds with most people I know and so I don't really mention it all that much. Besides I'm sure Mr and Mrs O do the occassional awesome thing, but I go around looking for trouble and guess what I find it.


You know fat kids, the ones who continue to be fat, the ones who refuse to hurry the hell up and get skinny? You know, the little kids that suffer taunts, teasing, hazing, being the butt of jokes, who go home and cry. You know the Obamas know it aint cool to go after someone for sex, race, gender issues but hell it's totally progressive to go after fat kids.


She's proud of herself, the whitehouse is so proud they released her words ~officially~. Here is the link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/03/15/remarks-first-lady-national-league-cities-conference

Here is a clip

"So I'd like to spend a moment today really to focus on the economic impact that this issue is having on cities and towns all across America.
Now, everyone in this room is worried about budget shortfalls. I know that. All of you are making wrenching tradeoffs and painful cuts just to stay afloat. I know that's what's going on. And I know that the last thing you need during times like these is a new issue on your plates.
But all of you here know something else, and that is this isn't a new issue at all. You all know better than anyone that childhood obesity is already affecting your communities. It’s already weighing down your budgets. It’s already hampering economic growth.

And here’s how. In the 10 cities with the nation’s highest obesity rates, the direct costs connected with obesity and obesity-related diseases are roughly $50 million per 100,000 residents. And if these 10 cities just cut their obesity rates down to the national average, all added up they combine to save nearly $500 million in healthcare costs each year.

And that’s just the beginning. Childhood obesity is affecting your workforces, too. I mean, studies show that obese children are less healthy and miss far more days of school on average. So for the parents of those kids, that can mean more tardiness, more early departures from work, and higher absenteeism to stay home to care for these kids.

And all that doesn’t just affect businesses that are already located in your communities. It also affects whether new businesses will set up shop in your towns and cities in the first place.

A recent report by the Trust for America’s Health explains why. And this is a quote from that report. They say that, “Businesses are reluctant to locate in areas where the population, particularly the future workforce, is unhealthy.” They go on to say that, “High health care costs and lower productivity are unattractive to employers and investors.”

So make no mistake about it: When we talk about childhood obesity, we’re talking about the workforce that you're trying to build. We're talking about the businesses that you’re trying to attract. We're talking about the budgets that you’re trying to balance each and every day."

Fat kids deserve love, they deserve to be respected and in my opinion it is a new low to go after kids and blame them for a country's ills kiss,

"All the terms used in the science books, 'law,' 'necessity,' 'order,' 'tendency,' and so on, are really unintellectual .... The only words that ever satisfied me as describing Nature are the terms used in the fairy books, 'charm,' 'spell,' 'enchantment.' They express the arbitrariness of the fact and its mystery. A tree grows fruit because it is a magic tree. Water runs downhill because it is bewitched. The sun shines because it is bewitched. I deny altogether that this is fantastic or even mystical. We may have some mysticism later on; but this fairy-tale language about things is simply rational and agnostic."The Ethics of Elfland; G.K. Chesterton; 1909

Don't get me wrong, science is a wonderful thing; occasional wonky interpretations of its findings be dammed. Broken down into the level of purity it regains much of its magic. Exploded into huge it is alchemy of the rational mind.

My stark, raving mad sweetie was all about defending the advancements science has brought. So it is to his unwillingness to embrace the absurd that I dedicate the disclaimer UM OK I AGREE. I KNOW THE INTERNET DOESN'T WORK ON MAGIC. I ALSO KNOW IT DOES.

It is a great pleasure to hold two universal truths in one's mind at a time kiss,


March 10th, 2011


my girl
:( :( Im not getting email notifications for responses to my LJ comments.

I was supposed to clean the house but spent ALL DAY IN BED ON MY LAPTOP.

I'm gross and need to shower.

Maybe i will do some of those questions and answer things my pals have been posting. It's just so honest and soul searchy and lately ive preferred painting pictures out of memories.

Goals. OH god. I'm overwhelmed by the thought of it all. I have an amazing sci-fi short Ive outlined and a good writer who offered to read it and all kinds of other things... Played Mr. Blue Sky this morning and was chipper but now I want to move to a crummy uni town and get out of the sticks or at least move closer to the uni town but it is so expensive and I hate working and my husband needs to be close to his fab job and everywhere except here that is 30 min to his work is pricey... and he has issues with moving and oh my god.

Being addicted to mangoes is working out ok kiss,


February 15th, 2011

Literary short stories tend to make me dreamy. I'm fully completely captivated by glimpses into worlds, quiet little worlds full of almost nothing moments, a hint of something uneasy running beneath it all, a pin-prick connection between me and the words, the spill of blood at the end.

The story I read today mentioned the grimy car-factory town I grew up in. I didnt notice it was grease-stained for a long, long time. For one, I am fairly oblivious. For another, I lived in one of the scattered nice areas. The first house we lived in was so beautiful it was featured in Macleans as part of a feature on its architect. Last fall, I brought my daughters to my old neighbourhood. I had forgotten how middle-class it was, is. It's grown up now, trees and leaves creating some sort of lush, green oasis, a rainforest just off the north shore of Lake Ontario. I remember it more dusty, heated, sweaty and pre-adolescent kisses.

Naturally, I was entranced to be reading about my town from another viewpoint. The reality of having gay sex under soccer field bleachers and being punched so hard in the face by your lover that you need your jaw wired-shut afterward. It is a reality I stalked around later, after the divorce, when standards of living fell into the beer-bottle spotted gutters in front of the downtown houses where the boys who gave drugs to pretty girls were found. That boy who hung himself when I was in grade 11 and Josh who danced for old men in the city and gave blowjobs for cash in the park by the hospital. He got busted in the gay sex scandal, men fucking on security tape at The Bay. I really liked him but we lost touch as roaming homeless teens do. Well, I had a home to return to if I felt like it and a dad who would call around looking for me, Josh didn`t.

I liked you too. My best-girlfriend, I went looking for you after I ruined our relationship. One Friday night, I took $10.00 and hopped a bus. Someone said you were working at the downtown Canadian Tire. I`ve always been lucky, able to track down whoever I needed to see, and you were there working. I grabbed a cat toy and lined up at your cash. We got to see eachother. I designed that moment in your evening. It was spectacular and brief.

Later, I roamed the park in the darkness of late. Sounds of sordid and desperation, frightening catcalls and phrases, Wanna party?, She's hot. There was a longing in my gut, in that tummy sheathed by skin tight, tiny jeans, something could happen, something better than taking the bus back home, something worse. All I needed to do was accept the offer, make the deal, go with the flow, pop open cherry cola, swallow down orange crush. It wasn't simple pride, though I can understand why you'd think so, that aura of protection, my super-power activated, it was because I couldn't talk. And you had that smile. And you had those eyes. Or at least I remember you that way, the bit of you seen in the lighter flash. You had that wanting.

If I stood there long enough you would've asked me something kiss,


January 29th, 2011

There isn't any of my favourite tea-for-breakfast in the cupboard and no one has brought me coffee. I considered Chloe's instant hot chocolate but determined it would be too sweet. I can't even remember the last time I had hot chocolate. Naturally, contrariness turned my view and soon it seemed a wonderful idea. So here I am sitting in bed sipping a hot chocolate. It is sweet. It also makes me feel about 9 years-old all swaddled in blankets in a Parisian apartment.

~a lovely way to begin a weekend~

I shall wear en francais today

juenne fille kiss,

a gorgeous feisty ghost-storyteller began a new journal and thought to let me know
an ever-graceful and charming feeder of fishes left me a note in a photo album
a small collection of hand-made books made me long for more poetry
in order to see a heart I had to unlock my old journal. My old journal. This one, dans la reine was started in July 2005. How old is my old journal? I dont even know. We've known eachother long, you and I. We've broken the bread of our days and bathed in red wine.
And so I read myself from the times past and I charmed myself with my glow and vitality, the twists and turns of an imaginative mind, how engaged in myself. The little stories of chloe made me go downstairs to see if she was awake, to share and giggle with her over who she used to be.
I was so happy. I was growing back or maybe taking a piece of before-me and slipping it into now. I was so happy.
Then I read on and got bored.

OMG. Sometimes I talk a lot. a clot. kiss,


January 5th, 2011

of regal concern...

my girl
So how many beginnings does one woman get?

a woman, a woman, and yet my inclination was to ask after the beginnings of a girl. my feminist learnings have explained the less-than notion of a girl and bette davis certainly illustrated the grotesque of clinging to girlhood against growing old, dear baby jane. I continue to struggle.

Perhaps it is dramatic of me to struggle. It likely is. This sortve one foot into woman, the other to girl, this lingering in a transitional phase could be lethargy. afterall it is a struggle most experience several times through life. ages 3 and 4 and 6 and 12 and 16 and 18 and 21 and 29 and 39 and 50 and 70 and 95 if blessed. I grow old. I grow old with eliot nostalgia and also I live in the future. The world of tomorrow came true in my lifetime.

I look back and admire my beauty, though at the time i seldom see it and if i do see it it is never seen as fully, as completely as it is. I look back. A child of the past, I gather it to me, wrapping it about my pretty skin: memories, lovers, music, books, films, paintings, stories, words, touch... I keep you all, drawing you to me again, those of you who will come, those of you that have always been, I keep you.

It shouldnt be a wonder then that I keep all my ages inside of me. All of my ages to be loved at once, treasuring the smallest...

and yet

and yet

and I blame 40s starlets for this

I long to be ... woman.

So anyway, instead of struggling I ought to embrace. Of course I am the princess, I dont need to do away with the princess to become queen. I have always been queen. I am edwardian, grecian, creole, I am in the irish madeline laundries, the 12 hung maidens, yes all of them, I am the mother washing the bowl. the ancient bowl, the one we have all washed. There's no reason to define.

In the end there are as many beginnings as I want kiss,


June 27th, 2009


my girl


a love story kiss,


Oh guelph prt three

my girl


I take way too many photos but they're always fantastic kiss,


June 26th, 2009

I photoblog on tumblr

my girl


do you tumblr? link me kiss,


April 10th, 2009

I am ditching blogger and going with tumblr. I have two fantastic sites (no really lol)

Documenting an Imaginary Girl is here http://missloriblair.tumblr.com/ photoblogging fun.

Southern Ontario Gothic is here http://loriblair.tumblr.com/ dramarama photos with creepy snapshot stories.

My title quotes Sean T from Hip Hop Abs y'all kiss,


PS< I made my self imposed Good Friday deadline for new blog and started a second new blog in the same timeframe. hell yeah.

April 9th, 2009

Oh Guelph prt1

my girl
Oh guelph prt 1

if you want to check out my day http://missloriblair.tumblr.com/

tumblr is awesome

kinda like you (oh gag) kiss,

haha I am such a nerd.

My online stuff is coming together. My LJ, tumblr and blog are all cohesive. THANKYOU MICHAEL DEAR!!!

If you tumblr I am at http://missloriblair.tumblr.com/ if you don't tumblr feel free to follow. It will be a photoblog of fab.

If you are a blogger and want to exchange links I am opening writers, photographers and friends link lists. http://loriblair.blogspot.com/ This is a southern gothic postcard writing and photo blog. First post tomorrow.

I'm still keeping LJ and if you're of a mind click my page and check out my new layout.

matchy matchy can be cool kiss,


April 3rd, 2009

I think grown womengirls who make fools of themselves to get a boyman's attention are embarassing dated and dull. However, I think girls who make fools of themselves because some other girl gave them a bit of attention are cool and happening.

yeah that's right kiss,


PS< two freaking lines and I had to "manage entries" three times. I bet there are still errors. cripes almighty god's sake!

March 30th, 2009


This is what she looks like THINKING about Edward.

dear god kiss,


March 16th, 2009

Oh Obama sunshine...

my girl
Usually when you read about huge companies using bailout cash to give executives multi-million dollar bonuses the only thing you can do is watch your blood pressure rise. Well well Obama said No frigging way and spoke up and came down and AIG says they will listen to the president.

the only thing is many of these bonuses were contractually agreed to last year. So USA taxpayers are still going to have to pay up. However the 165 million in bonuses is just a fraction of the 170 billion fed rescue. I thought capitalism was supposed to weed out the incompetent. How can an insurance group be so broke and yet so necessary???

idk must be some sort of new crazy math kiss,



my girl
I am a sunshine person. Gawd gawd. Well I am still moody, don't fret, but one of my moods is tres sunshine.

LOOK HERE IS MY BLOG http://loriblair.blogspot.com/ MY FRIEND MICHAEL MADE MY WISHES COME TRUE AND NOW MY BLOG ISN'T UGLY. It used to be ugly and made me despair :(


There isn't any content yet but THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!

southern gothic sunshine lolol oh dear kiss,


oh... fine FINE!

my girl
Maybe I'm just moody and thank god for that because I'm so clean (no smoking, no drugs) that it's the only thing keeping me from being one of those sunshine people I despise. Maybe I shouldn't make any more declarative statements. haha sometimes I like sunshine people. all right, I'm sure I'll be swamped with evidence I love them by tomorrow.

This post was brought to you by way of me stopping by a flickr stream that was commercial and liking the images. commercial images oh dear. lol. oh me. HOWEVER THEY WERE CREATIVE (and sweet oh dear x2)

what's to become of me kiss,


PS< thank god for you Damon Galgut, I love your work, that writer woman was right to fall in love with you. The Imposter has me breathless. You're such an inspiration for everything that matters to me.

PPS< I am reading Twilight and it is ridiculous, obsessive, clingy and gross. I did like the way Bella got impatient when she thought Edward was also going to ask her to dance. Most of their banter is ick. Why oh why couldn't she pick one of the nice boys to date? she just had to go for the guy who got her emotions in a tizzy -that's just the human version drug for an addict. damn. That's what men mean when they say women don't want nice guys. True that Nice Guy thing is also true. But there is truth that danger and excitment make a boring life seem interesting.

March 15th, 2009

OH ALL RIGHT! I don't really hate selfie artists, I sometimes love them. I brought a few of the selfie books I've collected to the hair salon and talked them up, explained my views, described views I've read and thoroughly enjoyed re-flipping through the images. Maybe I was hating myself via PMS because I'm definitely bleeding.

Is that a happy post or what?? lol kiss,


March 12th, 2009

twitter tweet tweet

my girl
If you want to be friends on twitter I am MissLoriBlair. I think it would be fab to have you there. I really got this to keep track of rlife friends but my rlife friends don't twitter. That's how great my ideas are.

that's how great kiss,


Ughh omg ...

my girl
Sometimes I get the stupidest ideas but I am really enthusiastic about them and make all sorts of plans without looking into things too much. Previous examples of this include all sorts of writing projects with my best friend sweetie. I'd say, we should do this!!! and he would say, I don't know how to do that!! I would say, we can learn! how hard can it be? and then my ideas would sortof fizzle out. aLTHOUGH SOMETIMES i WOULD BE REAL STUBBORN AND WRITE MY IDEA JUST TO SHOW HIM AND ME IT COULD BE DONE. AND HE'S READ ALL SORTS OF MY STUFF AND BEEN ENDLESSLY SUPPORTIVE AND i COMPLETED A COMIC AND.

He has since said he was an idiot about about all my ideas.

Lots of times I have made my idiot ideas come true. You prob know which ones I am talking about so I am not going to repeat myself (ahahaha oh that'd be a first, oh shut up!).

My latest idea is to have a blog. lol. OH WAT? A WAT? Oh, c'mon, quit teasing, I know you've heard of them before.

My blog is supposed to be super spectacular and unforgettable. I just don't know how to get it there. So far I have a blog title "SOUTHERN ONTARIO GOTHIC" (SOG) ma'am and three sortof ideas. My first idea is to blog photos and words to go with southern ontario gothic topics. My second idea is to review worldwide works and my third idea is to quote a small bit of text from a southern ontario gothic writer and maybe put a photo or a piece of crappy art of my own with it.

Gawd. that seems so complex. lolol. or maybe not complex but hard. And I have made decisions and narrowed my focus and I want to be committed (haha oh heck I make bad jokes in my head).

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to link to my LJ but should I link to my flickr? cleaned up version of my flickr? I did some cleanup stuff april of last year and it made me sad but idk whatever. seee? I'm getting overwhelmed. Not to mention I will have to be careful and or experimental with my writing rather than off the top of my head release writing. OH! Maybe that could be a feature day. see how I am with idiot ideas? I just love them.

Should I do a SOG self portrait once a week? What should I do weekly, what should I do monthly? I feel a head ache coming on. Will I even be able to keep up? I am already sporadic on the three internet things i try to keep up with flickr, LJ and facebook.

Should I twitter? Is that going to help? Do y'all twitter? I should make my facebook people twitter because facebook is so freaking annoying but I like the people.

Why do I think so much? Is it helpful to break things down into small steps and make lists?

I bet it is.

Do you have any advice? Do you have a blog?

gawd. why do I do this to myself kiss,


PS< Blog start date is Good Friday!

March 11th, 2009

Ahoy news capsule...

my girl
Vitriolic post ahead. I may or may not agree with myself on every *** point tomorrow- That depends on you, world, that depends on you. I don't really care if my opinion changes. fuck static credibility. I just want to make some noise. lol.

***I still think you're a twit. An idiotic self-indulgent, fake as hell, trying too hard twit. The only thing that gives me hope for you is that you like me.

***Obama is a false messiah. There I said it. again. What sparked my latest? http://www.wsws.org/articles/2009/mar2009/obam-m11.shtml here let me paste a clip or two:

"to finally make No Child Left Behind live up to its name by ensuring not only that teachers and principals get the funding they need, but that the money is tied to results."

Obama placed the blame for deficiencies in the educational system not on inequality, but on teachers, students, and parents.

"[T]o any student who's watching, I say this: don't even think about dropping out of school," he said. "[D]ropping out is quitting on yourself, it's quitting on your country, and it is not an option—not anymore."

Oh fuck the rich, I fucking hate everyone.

***Everytime I see a cop I am glad I'm white and well dressed. Fucking police brutality fuck.fuck.fuck.

***Watchmen was a great freaking movie made up of numerous freaking flaws. I would go into more detail but as is my usual these days I blabbed all over someone else's journal/blog instead of my own.

*** I have to write clear and concise for work. I write however the hell I want in experimental fiction and I leave off almost everything almost all of the time and just leave in impact. I know my journal writing sucks and is full of fuck but I don't care.

***I am sick to death of self portraits (and pretty much all selfie artists you all suck)and I gave them up for lent because I am a catholic fraud.

***I think I sound idiotic when I comment "with meaning" on people's stuff. I do it anyway when I feel compelled and Haddayr sticks up for me so if you get a comment that sounds idiotic it means I love you.

My house is a goddammed mess kiss,


February 22nd, 2009

oh dollhouse...

my girl
even more disappointing than the show, to a girl who hasn't even watched the show, is the blase reactions of many of the viewers. I was pretty hopeful that maybe it wasn't too hateful toward women because a few people I respect said it was boring and didn't mention misogyny (some people I respect did, I'm prob not talking about you). Then fengi made a post detailing the show in ways that made me think boring is the least of the shows problems.


thank god it's boring
maybe it'll be pulled off the air

this shit makes me cry, I used to think there was something wrong with me but now I think there's something wrong with you kiss,


February 18th, 2009

ffsake. Look, I realise I haven't seen DOLLHOUSE yet but that is because I've been burned (and um fucked) by writers I had thought/hoped/really really really wished respected women in their work only to find out they use us as much as any old fratboy misogynist does on a drunken saturday night. I AM FRAGILE AND HURT BY THESE BETRAYALS PEOPLE.

anyway stolen from fengi who snagged it from maggiesox (here is a fancy link because I reckon that is the way to steal http://maggiesox.livejournal.com/1607526.html?view=29842534#t29842534 )

"See, there's this whole thing where they actually put a girl in a refrigerator, and I got up, stomped off and walked away. Look, show, winking meta-jokes about how badly women are mistreated in mass media really aren't in place in the same show that flat out showed me cheesecake shots of Eliza Dushku's ass. To be brutally clear: You don't get to make in-jokes about the mistreatment of women in pop culture when you're busy....mistreating women in pop culture. There comes a point where the knowledge that the show is ostensibly about objectification does not make it okay that I had to spend an hour watching women be objectified. Seriously, this show gets one more hour, and if my hackles stay this far up, I'm out, Whedon or no. (wing2j pointed out that I should maybe cut the show a little slack, as it has only been one episode. I countered by asking him how many times he saw Eliza Dusku's ass and side-boob in the promotional materials for the show.)"

seriously. INKDOT I am awaiting the results of your investigation.

and You, even though I am not saying your name you are on very thin ice with me considering what your who and what reveal about your idiocy, could you be more oblivious and self-interested? I think not. You are a stupid girl.

I need a hero, I'm calling out for HERO HERO HERO kiss,

-Describe me in one word- just one single word. Positive or negative.

-Leave your word in a comment, before looking at what words others have used.

-Copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people describe you when limited to one word.

If you don't do this for me I won't ever post my 25 random things about me list!!! or maybe I will make sure to!!! whichever makes you wince is what I will do if you don't play with me kiss,


PS< If you write negative things and destroy the myth of me I have created then I won't be very happy with you!

whimper omg!!

my girl
everyone who lives in this house thinks there are ghosts in it! I don't understand how i became the rational one but!!!! Usually it doesn't bother me but olivia came down a half hour ago and asked to sleep with me (john is in the living room sleeping because I am keeping odd hours tonight)I said it would be okay then after a few minutes she asked to go back to her room because there were monsters in mine! wtf? I said where? and she pointed to a spot with shadows. But it really creeped me out. I think I have seen too many horror films with creepy little kids seeing things.

I offered to hold her and such and she said okay then a couple minutes later she asked to go to her room again. mewl. whimper.

I led her upstairs and tuck her into bed and she said while she was downstairs the monsters got in her room. I said, "monsters?" and she said "Yes, the ghosts from nightmares."

jfc I am too imaginative for this stuff.

I asked her where they were and she pointed and I said, "I don't see anything." thing is I am half blind and I wasn't wearing my glasses and I could see stuff. I asked her what she wanted me to do (like what a useless mommy but it was taking all my nerve not to run away screaming! ggl) and she opened her arms and I hugged her. Then I got the idea of shooing them away. So I did so and she said they were gone! VICTORY! Then she said, "There's another one!" and I almost died of fright. But I prevailed. I shooed it away.

But now I am all creeped out.

But that shouldn't be too much of a problem since I am now wide awake and need to GET BACK TO WORK kiss,

Yes, by all means let's open NAFTA. Then you can pay back the billions of dollars owed re softwood lumber. Obama's looking like a traditional political opportunist. History has shown us american presidents want to protect their own economy while exploiting our oil & gas to do it. NAFTA already guarantees the americans get charged cheaper prices for our resources than they would sell for on the open market. How is opening NAFTA do anything but fuck us over because we are the little guy dependent upon the head honcho- is that ethical? Is that the new way? hell no, it's the same old same old.


Anthony St George: "I'd like to apologise to americans for our softwood lumber. Just because we have more trees than you doesn't give us the right to sell you wood that is cheaper and better than your own."

why oh why do I get so irritated by usa...

Eight billion dollars for high-speed rail lines, including a proposed line between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This little bit wasn't even in the House version of the bill. It started in the Senate as a $2 billion project, and came out of the conference committee costing a whopping $8 billion. Gee, now who would that benefit? Oh yeah, the Senate majority leader is from Nevada, Harry Reid. "despite vows by President Obama that the legislation would be kept clear of pet projects" washington post looks like some more same old same old.

Is Obama the same old greedy political wrapped up in a blanket of social reform. I'm thinking yes.

ggl must be my smug canadian donut eating self

Rick Mercer's Report: Canadians have no idea how our country works. When asked who is our head of state 75% couldn't answer the question. Who can blame them really, the answer is ridiculous- the queen. lolol omg.

a-hahahaha thank god for the comedians kiss,


PS< I wasn't even supposed to talk online today or yesterday because of deadlines but the world is just a joke waiting for me to giggle. Now it's after 1am and I still have work to do. grrrr I was supposed to get up early to refine it and now I only have time for a nap. wah.

PPS< I added some levity toward Obama in the comments section because I am an argumentative lawyer type no no that's not how I want to phrase it. a-hem I am able to see all sides of argument because I have that kind evolved dual thinking mind. hah.

February 16th, 2009

God God God.

As if Harry Potter wasn't bad enough, now Chloe is into Twilight. I am so grossed out by old stalker men in young boy bodies getting it on with 16 year old girls. like gross. (I know HP isn't like that I just thought HP was slit my throat boring) All those years to mature and the best you can do for a lover is a kid. Oh Angel, Oh Dr. Who, why do you have to be disgusting? Why oh why does my daughter named chloe have such beautiful eyes? She wants me to read the book. oh gross. No, it doesn't seem to make a difference that practically every girl I know loves Twilight, y'all are wierd and into creeps as far as I can tell. cripes! I have to make her happy, I have to read the creepy book and yes I told her why I think it is gross. Also,I have to take her to the film. blech. The only part I think I will like is the view from the top of the trees. Not only do I have to see the film but I have to hold my tongue and not ruin the experience for her.


Okay, fine, if I do like the book or the film I will come back and tell you so you can gloat kiss,


February 14th, 2009

Would you lie with me...

my girl
Before I got pregnant with Olivia I had begun a little writing career. Today, Valentine's Day, I have renewed my formal relationship with the art. I wrote a gut-puncture dramatic postcard piece titled The Poorhouse Charmer. It is fantastic. I am submitting it to the Writers' Union of Canada Contest. I am so impressed with me I don't even care if I win but I should win. I love this art, the wonderful alchemy.

Yes, of course it is in my genre, I am so in love with my genre,


and just forget the world kiss,


February 13th, 2009

I'm up to my lips in politicals. It's been one smiling event after another today. I really enjoy my job, I like to get out and meet people I just don't get overly enthused about writing up the events. It isn't the lack of creativity that bothers me because there is quite a lot of scope within community news. I think I'm lazy. I should be one of those roaming folks with a camera. I should have been on tv news. I'm pretty, I talk well, I have a money smile... I could go to the event and be done with it. That's all tv news does, right? Do the pretty people on TV have to edit their copy? Do they have people to do that? I need to know!

Today I had chemistry with the Doctor at the medical clinic and the school board trustee and the federal government representative. I hang out too much with the mayor and provincial government guy to have chemistry chemistry as we joke around and do other pal stuff while waiting for stuff to happen. I really shouldn't make direct eye contact very often it is a dangerous weapon. ggl when in my teens and twenties I didn't dare make eye contact with any man as they read it as an invitation. They still do... but now I am protected by my job and small town stuff. Or something. Maybe I am not protected, maybe I am formidable even in my sex appeal.

I don't know, but I know it feels like spring kiss,


PS< Do any of you use last.fm ? I am MissBohemian on there. http://www.last.fm/user/MissBohemian

February 6th, 2009

My charming new friend...

my girl

wrote this comic :) I fell in love with Alice. I think I am quite a bit like her because we both have active imaginations, enter into dream-worlds easy, not many people understand us, we have best friends that love us fierce and we're nerds. I think it's just a wonderful comic and I admire the whimsical sweetheart mind that created it.


We're going to be attending a writing conference together. He's thinks I'm very talented.



February 4th, 2009

"I screwed up..."

my girl
Well, I do have a soft spot for angelic looking humans who swear.

"In an interview late Tuesday with ABC News, Obama backed off a "Buy American" provision in the bill that would bar the use of any stimulus funds to buy steel, iron or other manufactured goods for infrastructure construction projects from abroad.

"I think that would be a mistake right now. That is a potential source of trade wars that we can't afford at a time when trade is sinking all across the globe," Obama said.

"I think it would be a mistake though, at a time when worldwide trade is declining, for us to start sending a message that somehow we're just looking after ourselves and not concerned with world trade," he said in another interview with Fox News.

US trading partners in Europe and Canada reacted with fury to the clause, warning it could start a global round of tit-for-tat trade reprisals akin to the tariff wars of the 1930s Great Depression."


NICKLEBACK? srsly? really?

how gross, how misogynist, how pathetic

forget the auto losers, forget nortel, I say the canadian music industry needs a bailout.

'Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth kiss,


February 2nd, 2009

I got my new Elle Canada and it was advertising a new mascara from covergirl that is enhanced and formulated to add sparkle to your eyes. They come in flavours for brown, blue, green and hazel eyes and I wanted one soo bad SO BAD. However, I am broke. But, I love shoppers drug mart and I have points on my card and so when I was buying motrin for olivia I just stepped into the makeup section (i know it was foolish) and when I did they had it! they also had these fab eyeshadow kits with enough colours to do three different looks (and more if you are creative) and it was also put together for what colour eyes you have. I wanted them so bad. I asked the sales lady to help me get them for free. I have lots of points. I got my two new pieces of makeup and the medicine for less than the bottle of medicine alone! Whoo hoo I love you shoppers drug mart!

I love museums. I took the kids this weekend and had such a great time. I love little local museums so much. GAH! guess what? they had a toy section and the very same snakes and ladders game I played in my childhood was on display!! Freaking hell people, you know you're old when. I bought some great books: A Stolen Life to do with the escaped slave settlement at Queen's Bush; The Legacy of a Home Child which is about those poor kids from britain who were shipped here to work on farms. in britain the public was told it was an eden for them; in reality they were child slaves for the most part. I met the son of one of these children at the last historical society meeting and he made me cry with stories; and Much To Be Done which is a collection of diary writings from the wealthy and the working class victorian women in ontario. SCORE! I am so in love with everything and I bought a seasons family pass to the museum that lets me and my family get in free to all kinds of them around here. the one I went to is inside a poor house. if you don't know poor houses well they were sad sad places.

A woman I interviewed over the weekend tried to get ahold of me by contacting the office and this is how she described me "that pretty red-haired girl" haha I thought she must be old to describe me like that but nope she is my age.

What makes you happy?

I think there is other stuff that makes me happy but I can't remember right now and don't go saying my kids because this is about me as a woman and me not including my kids is in no way a reflection of my love for them, she said with a smidge of defensiveness I am sure all mothers understand kiss,


January 29th, 2009

Oh Obama and US congress...

my girl
You can just fuck off. lol and uh... buy american oil, water, copper, lumber and electricity.

Yeah yeah I know you're king but let's not go crazy violating NAFTA

oh wait (lol) kiss,


December 24th, 2008

little random bits of bliss

my girl
I found my writing genre. Oh god... it felt so amazing to discover it. It felt like I was known, that what I am is possible, that there are others like me and I have roots. It is very similar to the excitement I felt when I first discovered the short story and its traditions in Canada. I've always identified with southern writers and the emotional drama, the moments, the heightened small moments that illustrate everything about life and love and longing and reserve and madness. But I am not from the south. It was before my time. Oh, I can feel the pleasure rising in me just discussing it. Anyway my genre is Southern Ontario Gothic.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Ontario_Gothic (the last line makes me giggle).

A few weeks ago I also found my art genre. It comes from expressionism, it is leaving beauty behind. There's almost nothing I currently find more boring than beauty. I am also guilty of producing beauty but there it is. I also understand the concept of abstract expressionism and am drawn in that direction as well. I feel like I've grown and left so many people behind. Lots of people don't get what I am doing now, they don't get it if it isn't pretty. But I don't care. (hardly anyone gets revolutionaries lol oh shhh) but some people do get it and they are very thoughtful people and that gives me enough affirmation to continue posting public. I'm likely the crappiest artist ever but I intend to believe my worth will be known after I'm dead. delusions for the win!

I've rejoined the catholic church, mostly for a sense of community. church life is still important in small towns. Also for several years now I've been hit with a feeling of burning bliss while in churches. I insisted on going to confession before mass because I wanted to receive communion and those are the rules. The priest asked me to repeat how long it has been since I went to confession as it made him gasp. lo. he asked me why I was returning, I mentioned the reasons. I mentioned I have problems with some doctrine. He didn't ask which ones and that is a shame because I had a list all ready: euthanasia, birth-control, abortion, suicide, celebacy, homosexuality, women in the church etc etc but he did say he would welcome me to converse with him and he said I might find out current stance on doctrine isn't far apart from my own, he said there are lots of changes. idk. Once again I thanked him instead of giving an auto "amen". I GIVE MYSELF AWAY! But yeah it was good, and john, the rebel heathen, likes going to church. I asked him why. he said he didn't know but he thought maybe it was a peaceful sanctuary.

I think it's kinda hot that he's a dad in church. IDK I don't want to question it! But I get a bit of a thrill.

Okay, that's it for now, I think I am going to make resolutions this year kiss,



PPS< I still think I could write a romance, I still think so and I may well do so. I find the romance genre irritating even though I love romance and love. But I haven't given up on that. I just haven't done anything towards it. It has been very tricky learning how to be a newspaper reporter and photographer without any education, it took a fair amount of time. lol.

December 21st, 2008


my girl
I happen to adore End of the YEAR Lists, well, kinda, idk, certain ones. In celebration of the end of the year and my comp back up and running, I present you with My List, questions stolen from Kristen.

1. What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before?
Wedding Photographer! Was a lot of fun, an incredible amount of work, gave me experience shooting commercially and some cash. There are a lot of things I'll do differently if I go into business. I'd love to do photoshoots inspired by fashion and self-portrait photography: The 2010 (i am ahead of the times) version of Glamour Shots (lol).

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I did in the sense that I made improvements in the areas I wanted to but not perfectly or completely which is immaterial to me as I prefer growth over perfection.

3. How will you be spending New Year's Eve?
Likely with John and my babies, some friends.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
No, but we're starting to fret over my gran who will be 90 this March.

5. What countries did you visit?
OMG. I wish I could travel. I visited england in my mind many times, and iceland, and sweden.

6. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
fiction published/receive a prize for fiction

7. What date from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Oh, that day in the Fall when you told me you were chossing to devote yourself to one person because you felt she'd been short-shifted in all the years you loved me and returning to monogamy after we'd been together for nine years. Because it hurt like fucking hell.

8. What was your biggest achievement(s) of the year?
Over-coming the pain and loss in order to be close friends with my former lover. Because the relationship was so close and connected it hurt much more in trying to be your friend than it would have to leave you. However, I did it. and I am very glad I did "us" prevailed and is worth it.

9. What was your biggest failure?
I started smoking again in the fall.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
I am a very healthy woman.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
My canon.

12. Where did most of your money go?
bills and $$$(secret) and kids

13. What song will always remind you of 2008?
Loving the Alien(sometimes).

14. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Creative Writing.

15. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Comfort Food Eating.

16. What was your favorite TV program?
I watch way too much reality TV. Here are my faves (no order): Kitchen nightmares, Top Chef, Top Model, Make me a Supermodel, Germany's Next Top Model, Stylista, Rachel Zoe project, Apprentice UK, Canada's next top model, Chase, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Best Rapper (lol I can't remember the title but was awesome) Estate of Panic, Top Design and even that one about being a producer... idk what it's called.

17. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
I've done so well with my personality disorder, I've worked so hard, so hard, SO HARD and don't have any enemies, haven't really had any social difficulties this year.

18. What was the best book you read?
Oh always Alice Munro. An important book for me, a book that helped shape who I will become as artist is Prophets Without Honour by Frederic V. Grunfeld.

19. What was your greatest musical discovery?
I am embarassed to say Amy Winehouse and Velvet Revolver. I knew of both but thoroughly discovered them this year.

20. What was your favorite film of this year?
I'm completely immersed in silent film, film noir, Cary Grant and the actresses in Stage Door. I think I've only seen two films, of this year, this year and i pick Wall-E. I adore that much of the film was silent, I love the thrill of falling in love and flying through space with your sweetheart.

21. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
blush I can't even remember, I'm sure it was great, we usually do something as a family and I spend time with my loved ones. I turned 38.

22. What kept you sane?
my loved ones and my job. I love my job.

23. Who did you miss?
my loved ones.

24. Who was the best new person you met?
Steve, he was wonderful, he reminded me of things I forgot, took care with me, demanded nothing, asked nothing except to talk with me all night long.

25. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008:
I learned how to love like jesus.

Now you do it, make your lists flist kiss,


December 4th, 2008


my girl
I said LOVE LIFE filter not SEX LIFE filter. I mean, okay, I will admit there is often sexual activity within my LOVE LIFE but I'm definately not naughty... I'm a good girl! Well, maybe a bit naughty... but all within the framework of respectability... well, not really.

Love is every bit as interesting as sex. I mean it guys, I mean it! Hey, where are you going? I got my work in by deadline and have time to post to my filter. Hey! Love rules!

lol at the exodus kiss,


December 1st, 2008

Love Life Filter

my girl
Oh yes, every hot blooded woman should have one. If you want to be one of my friends in the know leave a msg or if you don't want everyone to know how trashy you are send me an note. I don't think it'll be TMIXXXEXPLICIT well, no more than usual.

god whispers in our pleasures kiss,


November 7th, 2008

Yesterday morning, I was working fast to get some extra assignments in to my boss when a child-like knock sounded against my side door. So child-like I thought it was chloe home from school because she'd forgotten something so I did the unexpected and answered the door!

Standing in front of me was a grinning freak.

I stared. "Yes?"

"I'm here for breakfast."


He glanced at our house numbers. "373... I'm here for breakfast."

I am so not in the mood. I snarl. "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing. Was a joke that didn't go over so well."

I stare.

"I'm new to the neighbourhood. I'm wanting to meet my neighbours."

At this time a few things flash through my grouchy brain. One of them is that he's a freaking freak. Another is that it is kinda nice for him to want to meet people. The next is that there are some whacked out friendly church wierdos that roam around- maybe he is one of those. Then I thought I'd better not be too hostile since he may well be a new neighbour. However, I am hostile.

"Look, I have been up all night working to deadline. I'm usually more social than this but I am not in the mood and don't have time for this now."

He stares a me for a few beats too long. "That's okay. I was joiking again. I'm here about kidnapped children, make sure you watch for our posters, yeah?"

OMG! I shut the door.

Then I ran to the computer to text my friend Jake. I told him the story. I said OMG SERIAL KILLER! He used to be a public defendant's assistant and he knows that although I was joking it did seem too odd. He said, "What's he trying to do make you watch your kids by being the creepiest guy ever?" lol srsly.

He was short, kinda skinny, socially awkward, checking me out, didn't have any child find badge or literature ALL SIGNS OF KILLERZ. I know he was casing the town for women to torture and kill. I know it. I would have called the police just to say hey but I had a run-in with the law (lol but for srs) last april and I am loathe to call them.

My advice is when serial killerz come to call do not invite them inside.

I know y'all want to know about my run-in with the law. Well, I'm not telling but it reminded me of perception and how things can be twisted and my rights "No, you may not come inside my house." and it made me change around my flickr account which made me sad and also made me devise business plans so I can be rich enough to fuck off anyone who would judge me.


for the rest of the afternoon I was nervous he was inside my house, and my kitten racing around knocking things over DID NOT CALM ME ONE BIT KISS,


PS< I am thinking about paying to change my LJ name.

October 24th, 2008

Well, I didn't vote !!!111CONSERVATIVE. It's tricky with babies. The need to protect them financially makes me vulnerable (ick). I was driving along asking myself if I was serious re voting !!!111CONSERVATIVE when I had to detour. I ended up driving past my first job in town (~shudder~)and saw there was a sign supporting the conservative candidate (who always wins- this is farm country, BB)and I lurched my lunch to be associated with that kind of person and got over it.

The place of my old job closed a few years ago (oh smug). Even though it was on the market a long time the Place OF Horror-orror-orror-orr-rrr didn't sell kiss,


PS< Oh, what? Did I read Stephen adopted Dion's financial plan? Was it media propaganda? Oh, Canada, we don't trust our government :(((

PPS< I was busy being sick and working hard when my deadline got moved up and totally broke me. I managed, I didn't ruin anything. I said I was sick and was given the bare basics if what to get in if I could and I did and everything is accomplished but now *!more!* has begun and I am distracted. Someone once close to me said "put it into work". Yes, yes, and put everything into everything. oh zen.

October 11th, 2008


my girl
I think one of the reasons I am hard to get to know is because I put up bitchy barriers :( and you irritate me. lol. all of you. On the other hand I am great at relations when they are to do with work. They are brief, I don't have much invested other than making the client feel safe and secure in giving me info, I make sure to be understanding, assuring, and I listen. But omg I am drained when I am done. People love to talk with me, they want to be my friend. But what they don't know is my natural relations are much more moody. I love you my friends, thankyou for sticking around.

It's been long but I kiss you anyway kiss,


PS< It is good you are so patient.

December 14th, 2007

Oh, hay there, lurk readers

my girl
Chloe was embarrassed by an aspect of my last entry so I promised to make it friends only, awwww.

woe woe woe to be lurk kiss,

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