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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

Some things make me happy...

Some things make me happy...

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my girl
I got my new Elle Canada and it was advertising a new mascara from covergirl that is enhanced and formulated to add sparkle to your eyes. They come in flavours for brown, blue, green and hazel eyes and I wanted one soo bad SO BAD. However, I am broke. But, I love shoppers drug mart and I have points on my card and so when I was buying motrin for olivia I just stepped into the makeup section (i know it was foolish) and when I did they had it! they also had these fab eyeshadow kits with enough colours to do three different looks (and more if you are creative) and it was also put together for what colour eyes you have. I wanted them so bad. I asked the sales lady to help me get them for free. I have lots of points. I got my two new pieces of makeup and the medicine for less than the bottle of medicine alone! Whoo hoo I love you shoppers drug mart!

I love museums. I took the kids this weekend and had such a great time. I love little local museums so much. GAH! guess what? they had a toy section and the very same snakes and ladders game I played in my childhood was on display!! Freaking hell people, you know you're old when. I bought some great books: A Stolen Life to do with the escaped slave settlement at Queen's Bush; The Legacy of a Home Child which is about those poor kids from britain who were shipped here to work on farms. in britain the public was told it was an eden for them; in reality they were child slaves for the most part. I met the son of one of these children at the last historical society meeting and he made me cry with stories; and Much To Be Done which is a collection of diary writings from the wealthy and the working class victorian women in ontario. SCORE! I am so in love with everything and I bought a seasons family pass to the museum that lets me and my family get in free to all kinds of them around here. the one I went to is inside a poor house. if you don't know poor houses well they were sad sad places.

A woman I interviewed over the weekend tried to get ahold of me by contacting the office and this is how she described me "that pretty red-haired girl" haha I thought she must be old to describe me like that but nope she is my age.

What makes you happy?

I think there is other stuff that makes me happy but I can't remember right now and don't go saying my kids because this is about me as a woman and me not including my kids is in no way a reflection of my love for them, she said with a smidge of defensiveness I am sure all mothers understand kiss,

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