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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

did you feel that jolt rush between us, mister?

did you feel that jolt rush between us, mister?

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my girl
I'm up to my lips in politicals. It's been one smiling event after another today. I really enjoy my job, I like to get out and meet people I just don't get overly enthused about writing up the events. It isn't the lack of creativity that bothers me because there is quite a lot of scope within community news. I think I'm lazy. I should be one of those roaming folks with a camera. I should have been on tv news. I'm pretty, I talk well, I have a money smile... I could go to the event and be done with it. That's all tv news does, right? Do the pretty people on TV have to edit their copy? Do they have people to do that? I need to know!

Today I had chemistry with the Doctor at the medical clinic and the school board trustee and the federal government representative. I hang out too much with the mayor and provincial government guy to have chemistry chemistry as we joke around and do other pal stuff while waiting for stuff to happen. I really shouldn't make direct eye contact very often it is a dangerous weapon. ggl when in my teens and twenties I didn't dare make eye contact with any man as they read it as an invitation. They still do... but now I am protected by my job and small town stuff. Or something. Maybe I am not protected, maybe I am formidable even in my sex appeal.

I don't know, but I know it feels like spring kiss,


PS< Do any of you use last.fm ? I am MissBohemian on there. http://www.last.fm/user/MissBohemian
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