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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

Oh Twilight how could you infect my daughter...

Oh Twilight how could you infect my daughter...

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my girl
God God God.

As if Harry Potter wasn't bad enough, now Chloe is into Twilight. I am so grossed out by old stalker men in young boy bodies getting it on with 16 year old girls. like gross. (I know HP isn't like that I just thought HP was slit my throat boring) All those years to mature and the best you can do for a lover is a kid. Oh Angel, Oh Dr. Who, why do you have to be disgusting? Why oh why does my daughter named chloe have such beautiful eyes? She wants me to read the book. oh gross. No, it doesn't seem to make a difference that practically every girl I know loves Twilight, y'all are wierd and into creeps as far as I can tell. cripes! I have to make her happy, I have to read the creepy book and yes I told her why I think it is gross. Also,I have to take her to the film. blech. The only part I think I will like is the view from the top of the trees. Not only do I have to see the film but I have to hold my tongue and not ruin the experience for her.


Okay, fine, if I do like the book or the film I will come back and tell you so you can gloat kiss,

  • Twilight is repulsive in every way. God knows I love trashy crap, but it's just so insidiously misogynist and full of LDS subtext. He fucks with her car so she can't go places, for crying out crusts. :(
    • Oh Ugh. It's almost to the point I look down on fans. I mean, "I waited my whole life for you!" jfc Plus I heard Twilight dude gets her all conditioned and dependent then complains she's an immature kid? Gggrrrr little weasel. Do you realise people go to see the film multiple times on purpose? I wish I didn't know that.

      On the other hand did you see Dollhouse? Is it good? Plz say yes.
      • I know. An old friend of mine sent me a message on the Book of Faces saying, "Have you read Twilight yet? You'll love it - it reminds me of our Buffy days!" and there was not enough EUGH NO NO NO in the world. Hee. I don't look down on the fans who are young girls, because they're young. I just wish they liked things that were kinder to girls. But I totally judge the older fans! Bunch of weirdos. Get some therapy already.

        I haven't. I'm sort of... I don't know. I guess I'm not really interested? Okay, I am, a little. But Joss Whedon's attempts at feminist pop culture are so hit-or-miss. The reviews I'm hearing are extremely mixed, so I really don't know what to think.

        These days I'm contenting myself with the bevy of fantastic women characters in Carnivàle.
    • You're right, young girls get a pass. Most of the people I know that are into the book and film are grown women and proud of themselves for their obsessive fandom... ggl maybe I will just be sympathetic from now on "Ooooooh you're fucked. I shall not judge you." If I like the book stab me.

      I sortof wanted to love Joss. More than sortof I wanted to love111!!! him. I almost did. I like his NOW speech and there is quite a bit of great in his work but I do have concerns. YOU HEAR THAT, JOSS? I HAVE CONCERNS. lol. (I was once trolled by Neil gaiman after I called him deluded, ya never know who reads these public entries. I guess I really wanted dollhouse to be a more refined, thoughtful joss.

      Oh I adored carnivale, creepy and fabulous and great women. You are a good girl. I also loved deadwood though some parts were very hard for me to watch.

      • It's hard not to judge when you see a grown woman wearing a TEAM EDWARD t-shirt out and about in the world. God knows I get overinvested in TV, books, etc. but really now. There's a point at which it's embarrassing.

        Yeah, exactly. I think that's why I'm not watching it. I love Joss for his NOW speech and a lot of his other stuff, so I don't want to watch and find out that it's a bucket of fail.

        I know, right? I'm just in love. A show that has a variety of well-written, well-played women characters (of all sizes, for real!!) who exist as individuals in their own right, not to mention the fact that the show engages with the sex trade in a way that does not demonize, romanticize, or whitewash it? ♥!!
        • haha They are mentally ill, just look away.

          I sortof wanted a champion. sniffs. why can't I have one?

          I watched it all on specialty channels way back. I'm going to go out and buy the seasons, give a little support to something good. I want to watch them again. I think it is worth noting they didn't have to sacrifice story in order to be appealing. I've heard people say things like exploiting women makes for good tv, without it it would be boring like say re Battlestar gallactica rape scenes. But it's not true. Deadwood was as hard hitting as anything and carnivale was imaginative, creepy, and full of awesome. They didn't whitewash anything but they didn't degrade. If I can't have a champion I will champion collective win.
          • Ha! This is without a doubt the best strategy.

            I know. I guess we will have to be our own champions. It's just hard when it seems like you don't have friends in high places. We'll have to settle for friends in low places.

            Yeah, exactly. I think supporting the good shit is the best way to go. Hollywood likes to lie and say that they're only giving ~the public~ what they're interested in, but I think that's bullshit. I know plenty of people, men and women, who want to see way more high quality women-centric stories in all mediums. It's just that if you only produce things where women characters exist strictly in relation to the men characters, the public doesn't really get much of an opportunity to show its approval for something else, do we?
    • !!!! Oh :( I read a couple of Dollhouse reviews on my flist and !!!gag. wtf.
      • Ack. Apparently his experience with Fox this time around has prompted Joss Whedon to say that he's never going to make another TV show, a comment which doesn't fill me with loads of confidence.
      • maybe I am sick of him. This quote from salon sortof sums up my current mood.

        "Sex slavery...
        ...doesn't sound like an exciting new show. Sounds like the same-old same-old male rape-porn-fantasy to me.

        Whedon even says "Obviously it's tough because -- and this is the thing that kept me up nights -- human trafficking in the real world is beyond heinous."

        But that doesn't mean he won't exploit it, normalize it, mainstream it and make it sexeeee for his new show. No wonder he can't sleep."

        He doesn't handle things as well as he should, or at least he hasn't in the past. I might almost hate him but to ethically hate him I'll have to watch the show. idk. is he as good as carnivale and deadwood? Is he really treating the subject with the gravity it deserves? or is he going to have his charming male lead call inara a whore? idk.
      • I am taking over your inbox :(

        from flist comment

        "I came to the show not out of any particular feeling for Whedon (beyond mild annoyance? I've just never been able to get into his shows), but because the premise was so utterly horrifying that I wanted to see how it was managed. I think you're being too gentle, even -- the thing is like a smoothie of six different kind of flammable/volatile materials being handed to you by a teenager in a geeky t-shirt -- didn't seem to have at all the kind of weight or pacing that a show (which deals in its first episode with implanting the memories of a severely sexually abused child into an essentially murdered woman, then sending her out to do a mission which, somehow, raises ethical concerns in only one person, zomg whut?) this heavy would require..."

        • my inbox welcomes its new feminist overlords

          Eugh eugh eugh! This sounds bad. I will do my utmost to swallow my own puke and look into it. I'll download the pilot and see where it lands on the Spectrum of Pop Culture Fail, where 0 is Hustler and tortureporn, and 10 is my beloved Carnivàle. :D
  • I can't get into any more YA Vampire for, like, the rest of my life.

    But hey! At least she's still reading, right? :)
    • Lol cutie.

      Oh yes, she's reading. she reads lots of great books as well and I don't want to censor her too much. I have read many questionable things haha. I have some things restricted like season 6 buffy, I don't think she's old enough for the spike/buffy SL but I don't want her to like Twilight. wah. wah. I want her to see through it and not be attracted to creepy love.
      • I will give them this though: The simplicity of the book cover is the only reason why I picked up the first Twilight book...

        ...But then I read the summary on the back and put it down :P

        It's creepy, but more than that, I just find the premise too silly to bother with. But they marketed this book like a machine and fangirls were cranked out.
  • Ew Twilight D: The only people I know who like that are... really really lame and stupid. D: Well some people on my flist do, and I don't want to like be all snobby and shit...but I've read a lot of reviews by intelligent people who are somewhat similar to me and my tastes and opinions and it just sounds so awful, in so many ways D: I LOVE mocking stuff and laughing at it, but so many people take it seriously...and it's a little scary, how dependent-ifying and shit it is :(
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