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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

whimper omg!!

whimper omg!!

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my girl
everyone who lives in this house thinks there are ghosts in it! I don't understand how i became the rational one but!!!! Usually it doesn't bother me but olivia came down a half hour ago and asked to sleep with me (john is in the living room sleeping because I am keeping odd hours tonight)I said it would be okay then after a few minutes she asked to go back to her room because there were monsters in mine! wtf? I said where? and she pointed to a spot with shadows. But it really creeped me out. I think I have seen too many horror films with creepy little kids seeing things.

I offered to hold her and such and she said okay then a couple minutes later she asked to go to her room again. mewl. whimper.

I led her upstairs and tuck her into bed and she said while she was downstairs the monsters got in her room. I said, "monsters?" and she said "Yes, the ghosts from nightmares."

jfc I am too imaginative for this stuff.

I asked her where they were and she pointed and I said, "I don't see anything." thing is I am half blind and I wasn't wearing my glasses and I could see stuff. I asked her what she wanted me to do (like what a useless mommy but it was taking all my nerve not to run away screaming! ggl) and she opened her arms and I hugged her. Then I got the idea of shooing them away. So I did so and she said they were gone! VICTORY! Then she said, "There's another one!" and I almost died of fright. But I prevailed. I shooed it away.

But now I am all creeped out.

But that shouldn't be too much of a problem since I am now wide awake and need to GET BACK TO WORK kiss,

  • Do you _really_ not believe in ghosts?

    Defend yourself; they obviously exist, and I never get why folks say they don't.
    • ggl ggl @ your Defend Yourself command. I LOVE YOU.

      I do believe in ghosts and I believe I saw a benign one in my childhood HOWEVER I am very against believing they live in my house, which btw has some sections that are 250 years old LIKE MY BEDROOM! RUKIDDING ME? I am way too high-strung for that.

      I read Will Storr vs The Supernatural. Storr is a skeptic extrodinaire and while he disproved certain things to his satisfaction (like demonic possession) he came to the conclusion there are spirits.

      I -prefer- to be the one who believes in ghosts while all around me scoff. I am not so comfortable when all around me believe in ghosts and it is dark and the cats are running around the house. Good Gravy!
      • Hee! I am glad my impertinence delights rather than annoys you.

        I am in your camp: spirits (or whatever they are) exist. Just not in my HOUSE.
        • Pretty much everything about you delights me.

          ggl if you were in my camp I'd either prank you or crawl into your tent.
    • when olivia was born, she pretty much slept with me (as did chloe) so when she'd wake up in the night I'd nurse or cuddle her back to sleep. I didn't ever see the point of crossing the room to wind the mobile that was attached to her crib. But sometimes when she was fitful the musical mobile would start turning and playing all on its own.

      starts to cry
      even loving spirits make me cry
  • While I'm the believer I tend to also be the rational one. That creaking noise? The house is settling. Those moving shadows? Odd play of moonlight on tree limbs. That voice screaming "Get out of my house! Die! Die! Die!"? Icicles falling off the roof.

    Simple ;)
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