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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

oh dollhouse...

oh dollhouse...

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my girl
even more disappointing than the show, to a girl who hasn't even watched the show, is the blase reactions of many of the viewers. I was pretty hopeful that maybe it wasn't too hateful toward women because a few people I respect said it was boring and didn't mention misogyny (some people I respect did, I'm prob not talking about you). Then fengi made a post detailing the show in ways that made me think boring is the least of the shows problems.


thank god it's boring
maybe it'll be pulled off the air

this shit makes me cry, I used to think there was something wrong with me but now I think there's something wrong with you kiss,

  • I think you misunderstood my post, at least, and perhaps others.

    The show is boring. It is stupidly sexist in all sorts of ways that have been done before, and in this it is boring. Just because something is banal does not mean it is not evil, you know?
    • for me, highlighting boring seems ridiculous considering the content but that is me and I love you always.
      • Well, I can't speak for the woman on Fengi's list, but I highlighted boring AND sexist, myself, and you asked me if I was afraid to be a feminist, which I didn't understand at all.
  • your post seemed weak to me considering how strong a writer you are so I wondered if you were scared. I will believe you if you say you aren't, I just know it is hard to speak up sometimes and I wondered. I asked you directly, it wasn't a passive aggresive shot at you.

    • Scared to be a feminist? Um, no. You know me well enough to know that I'm not, which is why your question took me aback.

      Utterly scornful of the show? Yes.

      And it's such a weak show that it wasn't even worth attacking full-blast. It's pathetic, and I'm really disappointed. That's pretty much all it's worth, attention and writing-wise.
      • Idk, I can be scared, it sucks sometimes and it is exhausting and I get tired of fighting, I don't think it is an insult. you don't have those moments, that's great.

        sometimes people say you can't hold an artist to idealistic notions, I tend to agree even as I do it but when you come right out and say you're feminist I expect more of you. gawd. I am so dumb.

        did you see the episode fengi wrote about? that looks worth writing about to me but maybe it is what he chose to highlight? idk I don't feel like watching it, I always make that disclaimer ( I haven't seen it) when I write about it.
    • first "it" = being feminist
    • sometimes people say you can't hold an artist to idealistic notions, I tend to agree even as I do it but when you come right out and say you're feminist I expect more of you. gawd. I am so dumb.

      = joss whedon

      christ, I hope you didn't think I meant you!
    • I watched both episodes. I think his analysis is spot-on. I just didn't think it was important enough to focus on in my own LJ. I don't watch or write about TV much.
      • ggl I wanted to write "I don't think it's important enough to even watch" but um my LJ content ruins my joke :(
        • I watched two because I loved Firefly and very much liked Buffy and Angel.

          I just wish he'd figured out a way to get Firefly back on the air instead of wasting our time with this drivel.
          • I liked firefly so much ... there were a few questionable things but overall I loved it. I don't even care about him anymore. In my emotive mood I'll go so far as to say I hope he doesn't get another chance at tv.

            (If he does get another chance and wrotes something worth something then I will revisit the notion that he's anything of value to add anywhere))

            I would watch it, just to be informed, if I didn't think it would hurt me to do so. Deadwood hurt me, but it did it in the right way. For ages after I could tell people to watch it for an idea of what fucking for food is like. (not fucking for money because you want to, but fucking for food because you're hungry.)
            • I think that this is what Joss would claim he's doing. He's saying how AWFUL it is for the women (and the token men we see on the edges), and how EVIL the corporation is and blah blah.

              Perhaps Echo will begin to realize something is going on and save herself. Right now this si not where it's headed and it's boring and stupid sexist drivel.
              • well yes, I am sure he does. I would counter that he needs to refine his thoughts and method before tackling such subjects because they are evidently beyond him.


                but even if she saves herself it isn't enough for me. he's a clumsy damaging oaf. I am so sick of it, like you say it is common.
  • and it hasn't anything to do with women on fengi's list, I don't read his friends list or anyone's for that matter.

    I do have a friend who made a post (not even on LJ) and when I spoke to him he was alot stronger in opinion than what he actually wrote. I know it has taken courage on his part to speak up about certain things because feminism is a dirty word and many people think people who object to the treatment of women are on crack and radical.
    • Well, I wrote what I thought. I didn't find the show shockingly misogynist; I found it sexist in the most banal and repetitive of ways.
      • maybe you have seen too much sexism to be shocked? idk.
        • Yes; this is exactly it.

          My male friends are always far more shocked by sexism than I am, because they just haven't been tuned into it for as long.
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