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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

Ahoy news capsule...

Ahoy news capsule...

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my girl
Vitriolic post ahead. I may or may not agree with myself on every *** point tomorrow- That depends on you, world, that depends on you. I don't really care if my opinion changes. fuck static credibility. I just want to make some noise. lol.

***I still think you're a twit. An idiotic self-indulgent, fake as hell, trying too hard twit. The only thing that gives me hope for you is that you like me.

***Obama is a false messiah. There I said it. again. What sparked my latest? http://www.wsws.org/articles/2009/mar2009/obam-m11.shtml here let me paste a clip or two:

"to finally make No Child Left Behind live up to its name by ensuring not only that teachers and principals get the funding they need, but that the money is tied to results."

Obama placed the blame for deficiencies in the educational system not on inequality, but on teachers, students, and parents.

"[T]o any student who's watching, I say this: don't even think about dropping out of school," he said. "[D]ropping out is quitting on yourself, it's quitting on your country, and it is not an option—not anymore."

Oh fuck the rich, I fucking hate everyone.

***Everytime I see a cop I am glad I'm white and well dressed. Fucking police brutality fuck.fuck.fuck.

***Watchmen was a great freaking movie made up of numerous freaking flaws. I would go into more detail but as is my usual these days I blabbed all over someone else's journal/blog instead of my own.

*** I have to write clear and concise for work. I write however the hell I want in experimental fiction and I leave off almost everything almost all of the time and just leave in impact. I know my journal writing sucks and is full of fuck but I don't care.

***I am sick to death of self portraits (and pretty much all selfie artists you all suck)and I gave them up for lent because I am a catholic fraud.

***I think I sound idiotic when I comment "with meaning" on people's stuff. I do it anyway when I feel compelled and Haddayr sticks up for me so if you get a comment that sounds idiotic it means I love you.

My house is a goddammed mess kiss,

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    • Oh Bush sucked too, they all suck. but Obama ran on change he ran on being god and hope and he fucks over the same people bush did so


      I know things. They both suck.
      • If his tax reform goes through, this will be a DEFINITE improvement on the Bush years. He is going squarely after the rich to finally pay their share.
      • I don't really know details about his tax reform but even if it doesn't go through what he is trying to do is a positive step.

        I'm mad as heck about performance equating funding especially when poor schools in inner cities are the ones that fail. OH! I'm just so mad.


        I don't even know what to think about Afganistan anymore. Once upon a time I believed that genocide like in WII would not be tolerated since we have the ability to show what is happening via media etc. That nations would step in to stop atrocities. Now, I think nothing is worth anything and war sucks no matter what and I hate hate hate rage. But then I think of african countries and who will help the people raped killed starved? then I think of bosnia and that the people sent in to help are oftentimes just as bad as the people being horrible and I want to torch the whole place down.

        I don't think current events are good for my emotional state of mind.
        • Performance already equates funding under the No Child Left Behind act. It's not as draconian as a single sentence makes it sound. Also, poor inner city schools are actually rich inner city schools serving poor people, but are badly administered, overly bureaucratic, and strangled by teachers' unions. When individual schools can break off from the big unified school districts, they always perform better.

          And there's more! The inner city is becoming more gentrified and affluent because of long-term drops in crime. Also, the rural poor have always been worse off educationally than the inner city poor.

          Gods, I am such a nerd.
          • Performance already equates funding under the No Child Left Behind act.

            Yes, I am aware of this. He didn't change it. He continued it and underscored it and made failure sound like treason.

            "poor inner city schools are actually rich inner city schools serving poor people"

            The rest of your post is irrelevant to the point nonsense.

            Idk you strike me as less a nerd and more a slieght of hand trickster

      • Blarg! I wish you had a crush on me so I could get comments from you too!

        ANYWAY--I wanted to disagree with you and start an argument, but instead I'll agree that the disposable income of the rich should be taxed at a lower threshold (though not a higher rate), and say further that the poor should at least be forced to pay token amounts of federal tax so they can experience the cost of our mega-government.

        And it's not really tax reform. Tax reform would be if all taxes, credits, subsidies and exclusions were re-examined and rebuilt to form a new, comprehensive tax code, rather than fudging marginal tax rates and their thresholds.

        There. That was peaceable.
        • "the poor should at least be forced to pay token amounts of federal tax so they can experience the cost of our mega-government."

          you read like a spoiled idiot.
    • I've seen lots of folks say this: "he's only been in office for X; give him more time."

      If we are upset by what he has _already done,_ are we supposed to say nothing? I think it's legitimate to criticize folks for what they've done without condemning them as evil or anything. She said that he's a false Messiah, not that he's the Antichrist.

      I voted for the guy, even knowing he was a centrist and I'm a leftist. I think he's a lot better than the Bushes. But I still need to speak up when he does something wrong, and I'm glad dans_la_reine is speaking out about it.
      • (no subject) -
      • I wrote "false messiah" because practically everyone, worldwide, lost their minds over him. Not because I did. I auto distrust messiah political types. it speaks too much like fanatic support to me. though after eight years of bush I can see why people freaked out for a change.
      • From the very beginning, folks were saying: "he's not the Messiah; now don't get all excited."

        But he did sell himself that way.

        Anyway, I think that shouting about the things you don't like that he did is perfectly compatible with giving him a chance on other things.

        I guess I'll put the onus on you: what did you mean by "give him a chance," if it wasn't "stop saying bad stuff about him?"
  • watchmen

    i won't likely see it soon tho i will asap. would like to read your flaws comments on it, i'm curious now.
    • Re: watchmen

      well, I am in the habit of taking requests :) So I will make a little post on it just for you.
      • Re: watchmen

        i just finished reading alternet's review and it might as well been a review of the book as all they did was essentially recount the story and pontificate on power and it's abuse. they did mention, however, that alan moore refused to be on the credits or have anything to do with the film. that was very intriguing.

        my take on the story in either form is skewed by my preoccupation with the Rorschach character (actually more to the point, Steve Ditko), apparently based on Ditko's business suit attired characters like Mr. A and The Question. a few months ago, i'd checked out a book on Ditko from the library that seemed well-sourced and detailed -and well written to boot. that led me to checking the Watchmen book out itself. i hadn't ever really delved into it before. what i'm basically curious about is how, if any, shadings of Ditko's focus on Ayn Rand were maybe painted into Rorschach's character in the movie.

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