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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

Ughh omg ...

Ughh omg ...

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my girl
Sometimes I get the stupidest ideas but I am really enthusiastic about them and make all sorts of plans without looking into things too much. Previous examples of this include all sorts of writing projects with my best friend sweetie. I'd say, we should do this!!! and he would say, I don't know how to do that!! I would say, we can learn! how hard can it be? and then my ideas would sortof fizzle out. aLTHOUGH SOMETIMES i WOULD BE REAL STUBBORN AND WRITE MY IDEA JUST TO SHOW HIM AND ME IT COULD BE DONE. AND HE'S READ ALL SORTS OF MY STUFF AND BEEN ENDLESSLY SUPPORTIVE AND i COMPLETED A COMIC AND.

He has since said he was an idiot about about all my ideas.

Lots of times I have made my idiot ideas come true. You prob know which ones I am talking about so I am not going to repeat myself (ahahaha oh that'd be a first, oh shut up!).

My latest idea is to have a blog. lol. OH WAT? A WAT? Oh, c'mon, quit teasing, I know you've heard of them before.

My blog is supposed to be super spectacular and unforgettable. I just don't know how to get it there. So far I have a blog title "SOUTHERN ONTARIO GOTHIC" (SOG) ma'am and three sortof ideas. My first idea is to blog photos and words to go with southern ontario gothic topics. My second idea is to review worldwide works and my third idea is to quote a small bit of text from a southern ontario gothic writer and maybe put a photo or a piece of crappy art of my own with it.

Gawd. that seems so complex. lolol. or maybe not complex but hard. And I have made decisions and narrowed my focus and I want to be committed (haha oh heck I make bad jokes in my head).

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to link to my LJ but should I link to my flickr? cleaned up version of my flickr? I did some cleanup stuff april of last year and it made me sad but idk whatever. seee? I'm getting overwhelmed. Not to mention I will have to be careful and or experimental with my writing rather than off the top of my head release writing. OH! Maybe that could be a feature day. see how I am with idiot ideas? I just love them.

Should I do a SOG self portrait once a week? What should I do weekly, what should I do monthly? I feel a head ache coming on. Will I even be able to keep up? I am already sporadic on the three internet things i try to keep up with flickr, LJ and facebook.

Should I twitter? Is that going to help? Do y'all twitter? I should make my facebook people twitter because facebook is so freaking annoying but I like the people.

Why do I think so much? Is it helpful to break things down into small steps and make lists?

I bet it is.

Do you have any advice? Do you have a blog?

gawd. why do I do this to myself kiss,


PS< Blog start date is Good Friday!
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