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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

self-analysis makes for sunshine blushes

self-analysis makes for sunshine blushes

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my girl
OH ALL RIGHT! I don't really hate selfie artists, I sometimes love them. I brought a few of the selfie books I've collected to the hair salon and talked them up, explained my views, described views I've read and thoroughly enjoyed re-flipping through the images. Maybe I was hating myself via PMS because I'm definitely bleeding.

Is that a happy post or what?? lol kiss,

  • self-portraits

    you'd got me thinking about them & i recalled m. c. escher's and pablo picasso's [his last] as favorites. escher's for the technical brilliance of his draftsmanship and picasso's for his madness.

    come to think of it, picasso's is particularly a good, and very strong, example of an artist expressing more his interior experience than exterior reality. or trying to.

    not real sure what a selfie book is. i suspect i'm clueless on the whole topic.
    • Re: self-portraits

      You've a canny knck of getting to the heart of things. I believe I am bored with beauty and I've always found display without meaning to be kindof crass. However, I'm very fond of self-expression especially when it ends up being more than pretty and/or commercial.

      Currently, re art I am very much into madness, ugliness, hyper distortion and grotesque.

      though I still like to be pretty in every day life.

      a selfie is prob a flickr term the self-portrait artists use. a selfie book is a collection a selfie artist's work or a collection of selfies from several different artists.
      • Re: self-portraits

        for the last couple of days, art has been a subject that got kicked up for me with a private message and spilled into these other [2] posts, for what it's worth.

        the second one is a lady i've known for years and am intrigued by, admire, and relate to. spoken on the phone with her a half dozen times or so. years of post comments between us. (and i'm galled i can't recall her previous nick. argh.) years ago, she was on an mp3 tear and put out tons of great files. i liked her drawings too. a very rich mind and soul. don't let her icon fool you, that's her wit.


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