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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

oh... fine FINE!

oh... fine FINE!

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my girl
Maybe I'm just moody and thank god for that because I'm so clean (no smoking, no drugs) that it's the only thing keeping me from being one of those sunshine people I despise. Maybe I shouldn't make any more declarative statements. haha sometimes I like sunshine people. all right, I'm sure I'll be swamped with evidence I love them by tomorrow.

This post was brought to you by way of me stopping by a flickr stream that was commercial and liking the images. commercial images oh dear. lol. oh me. HOWEVER THEY WERE CREATIVE (and sweet oh dear x2)

what's to become of me kiss,


PS< thank god for you Damon Galgut, I love your work, that writer woman was right to fall in love with you. The Imposter has me breathless. You're such an inspiration for everything that matters to me.

PPS< I am reading Twilight and it is ridiculous, obsessive, clingy and gross. I did like the way Bella got impatient when she thought Edward was also going to ask her to dance. Most of their banter is ick. Why oh why couldn't she pick one of the nice boys to date? she just had to go for the guy who got her emotions in a tizzy -that's just the human version drug for an addict. damn. That's what men mean when they say women don't want nice guys. True that Nice Guy thing is also true. But there is truth that danger and excitment make a boring life seem interesting.
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