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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

while searching for you I found me...

while searching for you I found me...

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my girl
a gorgeous feisty ghost-storyteller began a new journal and thought to let me know
an ever-graceful and charming feeder of fishes left me a note in a photo album
a small collection of hand-made books made me long for more poetry
in order to see a heart I had to unlock my old journal. My old journal. This one, dans la reine was started in July 2005. How old is my old journal? I dont even know. We've known eachother long, you and I. We've broken the bread of our days and bathed in red wine.
And so I read myself from the times past and I charmed myself with my glow and vitality, the twists and turns of an imaginative mind, how engaged in myself. The little stories of chloe made me go downstairs to see if she was awake, to share and giggle with her over who she used to be.
I was so happy. I was growing back or maybe taking a piece of before-me and slipping it into now. I was so happy.
Then I read on and got bored.

OMG. Sometimes I talk a lot. a clot. kiss,

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  • I love this! We are back, but we are changed and remembering and still very much ourselves. <3

    Thank you for your sweet comments. I do feed my fish while wearing dresses! But you've breathed poetry back into it, since it was whisked away with my broken heart.

    Actually, I have been quite a giggle at the lab in the past -- white coat, white plastic gloves, black pin-up hair and red lips. ;)

    • it is lovely. It is. Now I will search you out.

      re pin-up hair and red lips: quite the oh-la-la, fantasy-to-life.
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