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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters



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my girl
:( :( Im not getting email notifications for responses to my LJ comments.

I was supposed to clean the house but spent ALL DAY IN BED ON MY LAPTOP.

I'm gross and need to shower.

Maybe i will do some of those questions and answer things my pals have been posting. It's just so honest and soul searchy and lately ive preferred painting pictures out of memories.

Goals. OH god. I'm overwhelmed by the thought of it all. I have an amazing sci-fi short Ive outlined and a good writer who offered to read it and all kinds of other things... Played Mr. Blue Sky this morning and was chipper but now I want to move to a crummy uni town and get out of the sticks or at least move closer to the uni town but it is so expensive and I hate working and my husband needs to be close to his fab job and everywhere except here that is 30 min to his work is pricey... and he has issues with moving and oh my god.

Being addicted to mangoes is working out ok kiss,

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