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The Adrenaline Runs Quick When The Queen Enters

I've never really been an Obama fan...

I've never really been an Obama fan...

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my girl
That puts me at odds with most people I know and so I don't really mention it all that much. Besides I'm sure Mr and Mrs O do the occassional awesome thing, but I go around looking for trouble and guess what I find it.


You know fat kids, the ones who continue to be fat, the ones who refuse to hurry the hell up and get skinny? You know, the little kids that suffer taunts, teasing, hazing, being the butt of jokes, who go home and cry. You know the Obamas know it aint cool to go after someone for sex, race, gender issues but hell it's totally progressive to go after fat kids.


She's proud of herself, the whitehouse is so proud they released her words ~officially~. Here is the link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/03/15/remarks-first-lady-national-league-cities-conference

Here is a clip

"So I'd like to spend a moment today really to focus on the economic impact that this issue is having on cities and towns all across America.
Now, everyone in this room is worried about budget shortfalls. I know that. All of you are making wrenching tradeoffs and painful cuts just to stay afloat. I know that's what's going on. And I know that the last thing you need during times like these is a new issue on your plates.
But all of you here know something else, and that is this isn't a new issue at all. You all know better than anyone that childhood obesity is already affecting your communities. It’s already weighing down your budgets. It’s already hampering economic growth.

And here’s how. In the 10 cities with the nation’s highest obesity rates, the direct costs connected with obesity and obesity-related diseases are roughly $50 million per 100,000 residents. And if these 10 cities just cut their obesity rates down to the national average, all added up they combine to save nearly $500 million in healthcare costs each year.

And that’s just the beginning. Childhood obesity is affecting your workforces, too. I mean, studies show that obese children are less healthy and miss far more days of school on average. So for the parents of those kids, that can mean more tardiness, more early departures from work, and higher absenteeism to stay home to care for these kids.

And all that doesn’t just affect businesses that are already located in your communities. It also affects whether new businesses will set up shop in your towns and cities in the first place.

A recent report by the Trust for America’s Health explains why. And this is a quote from that report. They say that, “Businesses are reluctant to locate in areas where the population, particularly the future workforce, is unhealthy.” They go on to say that, “High health care costs and lower productivity are unattractive to employers and investors.”

So make no mistake about it: When we talk about childhood obesity, we’re talking about the workforce that you're trying to build. We're talking about the businesses that you’re trying to attract. We're talking about the budgets that you’re trying to balance each and every day."

Fat kids deserve love, they deserve to be respected and in my opinion it is a new low to go after kids and blame them for a country's ills kiss,

  • shame on you

    Good Goals = "By building more sidewalks, you could help kids get healthier today and reduce health costs and budget strain tomorrow. By investing in more nutritious school lunches or more P.E. time, you can take steps that will lead to a healthier, more productive workforce in the future."

    no need to fat-shame little kids to get there.

    Shame on you, Shame on you.

  • I am sitting in bed after a long busy day and smiling to myself because of your beautiful, different perspective. And yes, I agree, very much. ~ <3
  • That is really helpful. It provided me a number of ideas and I'll be placing them on my web site eventually. I'm bookmarking your blog and I'll be back. Thanks again!

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